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Whether it’s enforcing the stability of your home or adding strength to a commercial development, L&H Structural Engineering is your structural engineering expert. We offer tailored solutions crafted to address each building’s unique needs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to ensure your safety.

Scarborough, Maine

This entire home was sinking due to the lack of a proper external foundation, making it unsafe and uninhabitable. The floors inside were sloping 4-6 inches, and the entire outer structure was supported by cinder blocks placed on rotting wood logs sitting on loose soil/sand, posing a significant danger. To address this critical issue, 15,000 lbs of concrete was poured around the perimeter to provide essential support to the home. Through careful lifting and leveling procedures, the home was successfully lifted and perfectly leveled. To further enhance its stability, steel and pressure-treated 6×6 posts were installed in front of the home, while custom concrete support columns were integrated, tied into the home’s carrying beams, and built around the sides. Thanks to these comprehensive improvements, the home is now safe, level, and secure, and irreversible damage has been avoided.

Wiscasset, Maine

A home in Wiscasset, Maine, was caving in, with upstairs floors bowing and the fieldstone foundation cracking under uneven pressure. The use of old rotting logs as support posts was leading to their failure, and the home was on the brink of irreversible property damage. The living conditions were unsafe and concerning.

In response to the critical situation, we took action by lifting and leveling the home, ensuring proper weight distribution to prevent any further damage to the foundation. The deteriorating logs were removed, and concrete footers were skillfully poured to provide robust support for the posts. To bolster the structural integrity, we installed permanent engineer-rated 46,000lb steel and concrete support posts, custom-cut for the specific needs of the home. Additionally, steel plates were employed to firmly secure the concrete footer to the post and the post to the carrying beam. Thanks to this comprehensive solution, any potential further property and personal damage caused by an insufficient support structure has been effectively averted.

Chebeague Island, Maine

A home on Chebeague Island was experiencing sinking issues. The carrying beams were failing, creating a hazardous situation for the homeowners. The use of cinder blocks and scrap wood planks as supports resulted in unevenness, collapse, and sinking due to the lack of concrete footers. The risk of further collapse and severe property damage was imminent.

Our team promptly addressed the problem by lifting and leveling the home. Concrete footers were carefully poured to provide stable support, and we custom-cut and installed permanent engineer-rated 46,000lb steel and concrete support posts. Steel plates were used to secure the concrete footer to the post and the post to the carrying beam. This comprehensive solution effectively prevented any additional property damage caused by an insufficient support structure.

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Structural Assessments

Identify potential weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks in the building’s structural elements

Lally Column & Basement Posts

Vertical load-bearing components that support the weight of the structure above, particularly in the basement or crawl space of a building.

Concrete Footers

Installed below the ground level to evenly distribute the weight of a building's load and anchor it to the soil or bedrock.

Support & Carrying Beams

Provides structural stability and ensures the integrity of the building's framework.

Jacking & Lifting Floors

The process of raising or elevating a building's floor or a portion of it using specialized equipment, such as hydraulic jacks or lifting systems.

Camp, Deck & Porch Liftings

High quality structural engineering for all your properties.