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Whether it’s enforcing the stability of your home or adding strength to a commercial development, L&H Structural Engineering is your structural engineering expert. We offer tailored solutions crafted to address each building’s unique needs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to ensure your safety.

Experts at our craft

When it comes to reinforcing homes, our expertise lies in the meticulous design and implementation of cutting-edge structural technology. We work closely with our clients, carefully assessing the structural needs of their properties to create custom solutions that guarantee long-lasting stability and safety.



Bringing expertise to every project


Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the latest advancements in structural engineering technology.


Tailored Solutions

Personalized solutions to address your unique needs.


Timely Delivery

We respect your time and work diligently without compromising on quality.

Our Latest Projects

With work spanning across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, we have a wide variety of projects ranging from concrete footer installation to adding or replacing load-bearing support beams.

Scarborough, Maine

A Scarborough home with no external foundation was sinking.

Wiscasset, Maine

A Wiscasset Maine home was caving in.

Chebeague Island, Maine

A Chebeague Island home was sinking.

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Structural Assessments

Identify potential weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks in the building’s structural elements

Lally Column & Basement Posts

Vertical load-bearing components that support the weight of the structure above, particularly in the basement or crawl space of a building.

Concrete Footers

Installed below the ground level to evenly distribute the weight of a building's load and anchor it to the soil or bedrock.

Support & Carrying Beams

Provides structural stability and ensures the integrity of the building's framework.

Jacking & Lifting Floors

The process of raising or elevating a building's floor or a portion of it using specialized equipment, such as hydraulic jacks or lifting systems.

Camp, Deck & Porch Liftings

High quality structural engineering for all your properties.


See our extensive work replacing basement posts, lally columns and much, much more.