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Custom Basement
Support Post & Beam Solutions

We work with property owners, architects, and engineers to produce safe, functional structures. Our extensive construction experience, engineering knowledge, and project management skills will ensure a strong end result.

Servicing Basements & Buildings in  Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Free Structural Assessments

Not servicing your basement is the same as not taking your car to the mechanic. New England buildings and houses are getting old. We provide free basement & building consultations to help you protect your most important investments.

• Site Visit & Damage Assessment

• Beam & Post State Code Inspection

• Written Estimate & Project Scheduling

Lally Columns & Basement Posts

In wet or damp basements, Lally Columns can rust out and fail. Many houses have temporary lally columns, which are now out of state code. We can lift your building and install new columns, each rated for 46,000 lbs and all up to state code regulations.

Concrete Footers

When a lally column / support post needs replacement, the concrete footer is often sunken, cracked and no longer properly supporting the building. We pride ourselves of supporting your property from the ground up.



Support & Carrying Beams

Adding or replacing load barring support beams sounds like a lot of work. And it is, but that’s where we come in. Our team will install the proper support beams for any situtuation, big or small.

• Metal I Beams

• Fiber I Beams

• LDL Support Beams (Wood Header)

Jacking & Lifting Floors

If you’re feeling the floors in your home starting to move or bounce, it is a major indication of a larger problem in your basement. We know how to slowly restore your floors to level to create a more permanent solution.

Camp, Deck & Porch Lifting

Decks and porches are subject to direct weather damage. They can rot or pull away from the from your house or building. Our team leverages specialty bracketing systems and the qualified equipment to lift your deck or porch back into place and replace rotted and damaged posts.